Leg Swing

Back Leg Swing

  • Stand with one leg straight under your hip and hold onto the wall or a low bar for balance
  • Keep your legs straight, belly tight, and butt squeezed as you kick your other leg back and up behind you
  • Drive your heel as high as you can while maintaining a neutral spine and straight leg
  • You should be hinging only at the hip, do not bend the legs while swinging and try to point your toe

CrossFit Games Breakdown - Week 3 Workout - Pt.3

Here we are once again to break down this week's CrossFit Games Workout 3 with some gymnastics application. In this segment, Carl demonstrates some lower body warm-up drills to open up and mobilize your hips, while getting familiar with the key positions for your squat.

Front Leg Swing

... (details coming soon)

Side Leg Swing

... (details coming soon)