Muscle Up

Bar Muscle Up

  • Initiate a kip by swinging feet front and back, and follow swing motion through to hips and then shoulders
  • The body should bow from global extension to global flexion
  • At the apex of the "from" portion of the swing you will spot the bar, and do the fastest pull that will get your hips to the bar
  • Followed immediately by doing the fastest sit up into a pike position
  • Allow the shoulder to travel over the bar while raising the toes up
  • Done correctly, this should lead you into a bar support

Bar Muscle Up Progression Pt.1

In this series Carl breaks down the Bar Muscle Up movement into a few strength and skill progressions to help you pull up over the bar and into the support position.

In this first video, Carl discusses the strength component required for the Bar Muscle Up, where having a hip-to-bar pull up is ideal.  To start, practice your chin-to-bar pull ups, chest-to-bar pull ups, and then your belly- or hip-to-bar pull ups to get the height required to clear the bar.

Bar Muscle Up Progression Pt.2

In this series Carl breaks down the Bar Muscle Up movement into a few strength and skill progressions to help you pull up over the bar and into the support position.

In this video, Carl breaks down the transition of the Bar Muscle Up movement. Similar to a Kipping Ring Row or Hanging Bar Row, the transition starts off with a big hip drive to the bar -- this is the same hip thrust from the end of your Hip-to-Bar pull up. While you are floating in a globally extended position from the hip drive with your head and chest over the bar, use that moment of weightlessness to do a fast sit up and fold over the bar. Note that as you do you sit-up, you do want your legs to drop so they can facilitate the rotation of your upper body to finish over the bar.

Bar Muscle Up Progression Pt.3

In this series Carl breaks down the Bar Muscle Up movement into a few strength and skill progressions to help you pull up over the bar and into the support position.

In this video, Carl brings the movement back to the high bar and puts it all together.  Carl focuses on maximizing the use of the hips to do the transition, almost like a fast GHD Sit Up when at the top of the Pull Up.  Remember to keep your toes down to be able to rotate over the bar.  Finally, work on improving internal rotation at the shoulder to increase mobility for this movement.

CrossFit Games Breakdown - Regionals Workouts - Pt.3

With the 2011 CrossFit Games Regionals Workouts announced ahead of the competition this year, we are fortunate enough to get a chance to break down some of the key gymnastics movements for you with some final coaching tips and cues. In this video, Carl talks about the Muscle Up, and how to connect them efficiently and under control.

False grip or no-false grip, the key to connect your Muscle Ups for volume is to get your swing under control. Just like Kipping Pull-Ups, you will want to push away to straighten your arms on the descend to get momentum and rhythm in your swing. Note that with a false grip, you should kip smaller and swing less to facilitate your transition with your false grip position.

CrossFit Games Breakdown - Week 4 Workout - Pt.4

We continue our coverage of the CrossFit Games with the Workout 4 breakdown. In this video Carl talks reviews and gives even more pointers on his favorite Muscle Ups.  Don't forget to use what you've learned in the GWOD progressions!

CrossFit Games Breakdown 12.4

We're at the second last workout for the 2012 CrossFit Games Open and things just got a whole lot more interesting! Muscle Ups are my specialty, so we are going to give you this Breakdown raw and uncut! And it may not be obvious right away - but all those efficient Burpees you did in 12.1 actually primed you for the Muscle Up transition. Read on.

To get through this workout we really have to think about using a lot of skill to save yourself for the three different movements, and maybe even get a little recovering in for your shoulders during the Double Unders if we plan and prioritize properly.

1. Wall Balls - Check out KStar's 12.4 Prep and Mechanics video on MobilityWOD for proper positioning and mechanics to get through the 150 reps of Wall Balls.

2. Double Unders - Review our entire series on Jump Rope Double Unders on GymnasticsWOD ([]=29&field_tags_apparatus_tid[]=71). If you focus on good positioning while you are able to keep your upper body relaxed, this is where you can recover a bit to prep for some Muscle Up work. Have your wrists take care of the rhythm with the rope, and practice it with a folded rope until you get that skill nailed down.

3. Muscle Ups - This movement does require a lot of upper body strength to pull up and then to press out of the dip, but you do have an opportunity to use your hips and apply a lot of skill as the assistance to transition and even with the dip. As your warm-up, practice the 5 progressions demonstrated in the video and get the motor pattern down: 1) Hollow Body to Hip Extension, 2) Global Extension to Sit Up, 3) Dip Balance, 4) Hollow Body to Forward Roll, 5) Kipping Dip.

If you are having trouble with the Hip Extension and snap to Sit Up, go back to our 12.1 Breakdown minute 6 ( - what does that efficient Burpee look like? Yes - it's the same movement we're doing for the Muscle Up transition on the rings. For the efficient Burpee we're just doing it on the ground where we start with the hip extension, then hip drive to snap the feet in. Same thing on the rings - arm straight, global extension with butt on, then transition by snapping the hips close and bringing your nose over the rings to your toes. Try a few reps of efficient Burpee again, get to know how that feels and what the motor pattern is, and then try it on the rings on you've pulled and/or swing up to the right height.

CrossFit Games Breakdown 13.3

We're in Week 3 of the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open, so let's prep for 13.3 with some essential warm-up movements and review some efficiency tips.

Since this workout is a repeat of last year's Open Workout 12.4, we've already gone over much of the prep for the Double Unders and Muscle Ups in last year's movement prep video.  We did learn a few more things from doing last year's workout, so here are some refreshers and key tips to get you that extra few reps, or to save your body from getting wrecked.

False Grip Progressions Pt.1

Building up a strong false grip is important for all kinds of work on the rings.  In this video, Carl will explain how you can build up stronger wrists and forearms even before you get on to the rings to practice your false grip, just with a couple of simple drills on the bar.

False Grip Progressions Pt.2

In this segment, Carl explains how you then take the same drills you did on the bar in Part 1 of the progression and repeat on the rings.  We also go over proper false grip hand placement and positions so that you can get the most out of the transition in your Muscle Ups and other movements.