Kipping Ring Row

  • Start in a Hollow Body position with feet on a box and hang with straight arms from the rings
  • With legs straight and tight body, thrust the hips up to the rings
  • As the body ascends, allow arms to bend to assist the movement

Note: This movement is not initiated with an arm pull, it done with a big hip drive up to the rings.

Ring Row

... (details coming soon)

Ring Row Progression

In this progression, Carl discusses the Ring Row as a movement which can not only build strength for the pull up, but also build positional strength in the shoulders by doing the Row in a globally extended position to force the shoulders back in a proper, externally rotated position.  Carl also talks about how to pull properly by using your shoulders to pull your elbows back instead of pulling with your hands and using only the arms.  Finally, Carl breaks down a Kipping Ring Row as a skill transfer for movements like the Muscle Up.