Sit Up

CrossFit Games Breakdown - Week 1 Workout - Pt.4

Welcome to Games season, so let's talk about this week's CrossFit Games Workout from a gymnastics perspective!  In this video Carl goes over some quick warm-up suggestions for this Week 1 Workout.

CrossFit Games Breakdown - Week 2 Workout - Pt.2

We're back on with this week's CrossFit Games Workout 2, so let's break it down again on the gymnastics tip! In this video Carl runs through some key warm-up drills to get your hips ready for those deadlifts.

CrossFit Games Breakdown - Week 4 Workout - Pt.3

We continue our coverage of the CrossFit Games with the Workout 4 breakdown. In this video Carl drops some gymnastics tips on getting your shoulder positions active and proper for those Overhead Squats.

CrossFit Games Breakdown - Week 5 Workout - Pt.3

We're coming close to the end of the CrossFit Games open, so here's the Workout 5 breakdown for that extra boost.  In this video Carl breaks down key points to keep in mind for the Toes to Bar.  Uses these warmups to keep your hollow body form and use more hips to keep your arms from blowing out, and find the right tension to go long for the whole workout.  Getting a good grip to key to feel the connection with the bar, so you can focus your mind on the prize.

CrossFit Games Breakdown 12.2

Welcome to Week 2 of the 2012 CrossFit Games and we're going to break down 12.2! In this video we'll talk about some warm-up, key positions, movement patterns, and strategies to get you prepped and prime for high volume and high loads with your 10 minutes of Snatches.

Even for the stronger athletes, the key to this workout is getting the skill and technique down and keep it consistent throughout the whole workout. Strength may carry you through the first couple of steps in the ladder, but the weight jumps are big enough where if you don't have your skill nailed down the wall comes hard and fast.

  1. Watch KStar's 12.2 Movement Prep and Mechanics on MobilityWOD
  2. Shoulder Movement Prep:
    • Arm Circles, and add global extension when arms are at the top
    • Shoulder Passes with PVC pipe
    • Hang in the bottom of your Dip on P-Bars, and add swing at the bottom of your dip
  3. Hip Movement Prep:
  4. More Shoulder Movement Prep:
  5. More Hip Movement Prep:

Use these drills to get warm and really prime your shoulders and hips with a focus on the skill for the Snatch movement. Use the first step in the ladder to really exercise that skill so you can be confident to count on it when it gets heavy!

Freestyle Adventures with The Modern Gypsies Pt.2

As Eric and John of The Modern Gypsies prepare for their next Compassionate Adventure, they spend a morning with Coach Carl to learn how to apply techniques gained in the training room to the outdoors.

In this video, Carl continues with John and Eric on more warm-up movements, focusing on good setup positions while exploring ways to resist rotation.

Front Tuck on Trampline Progression Pt.2

In this series, Coach Carl and special guests John and Eric of The Modern Gypsies will work through a number of aerial progressions on the fast track trampoline.

In this video, Carl works with John and Eric on rotating through the air to complete a front tuck by focusing on using the arms for direction and pulling while doing a quick Sit Up movement while at the peak of the jump.

Jump Rope Skill Transfer for Endurance Pt.4

In this series, Carl focuses on using Jump Rope POSITIONS and MOVEMENTS as a skill transfer exercise to improve your endurance, specifically with your running.  In this video, Carl reinforces the hollow position and Pose form while running with drills like leaning while using the Jump Rope, as well as running with the Jump Rope.  Carl also proposes a workout challenge.  Don't be a fairy, and tie up your shoe laces!


Ahora que comprendemos el concepto de LA POSICIÓN y como añadir MOVIMIENTO al sistema con un balanceo, ha llegado la hora de empezar a darle forma al PRÓPOSITO que tienen las articulaciones del cuerpo humano.

Vamos a empezar con las caderas, que son el primer potenciador, y que en el futuro dará lugar a la generación de movimientos ejecutados a alto nivel como podemos ver en CrossFit y todos los deportes de élite.

Sit Up

  • Lie down with your knees bent, and feet and back flat on the floor
  • Flex the hips and raise your chest towards your thighs without allowing the feet to come off the ground