V Up

CrossFit Games Breakdown 12.2

Welcome to Week 2 of the 2012 CrossFit Games and we're going to break down 12.2! In this video we'll talk about some warm-up, key positions, movement patterns, and strategies to get you prepped and prime for high volume and high loads with your 10 minutes of Snatches.

Even for the stronger athletes, the key to this workout is getting the skill and technique down and keep it consistent throughout the whole workout. Strength may carry you through the first couple of steps in the ladder, but the weight jumps are big enough where if you don't have your skill nailed down the wall comes hard and fast.

  1. Watch KStar's 12.2 Movement Prep and Mechanics on MobilityWOD
  2. Shoulder Movement Prep:
    • Arm Circles, and add global extension when arms are at the top
    • Shoulder Passes with PVC pipe
    • Hang in the bottom of your Dip on P-Bars, and add swing at the bottom of your dip
  3. Hip Movement Prep:
  4. More Shoulder Movement Prep:
  5. More Hip Movement Prep:

Use these drills to get warm and really prime your shoulders and hips with a focus on the skill for the Snatch movement. Use the first step in the ladder to really exercise that skill so you can be confident to count on it when it gets heavy!

CrossFit Games Breakdown 13.2

We're in Week 2 of the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open, so let's prep for 13.2 with some essential warm-up movements and review some efficiency tips.

Start with doing a few Candlestick Rolls, and roll into the bottom of your squat with your feet together to practice and prep for the jumping and landing mechanics.  Bonus: at the back of the Candlestick Roll, reach your hand around with bent arms and reach to touch the ground as if you were to about perform a Backward Roll.

This will help prep your shoulders and front rack position for the shoulder-to-overhead presses.

Next, perform some Kipping Toes to Bar or Toes to Rings to get the upper back and hips moving and warm.  Rings are more ideal because they will move around and may allow a greater range.

Try to perform some hollow rocks to leg threads with a PVC pipe to get the hips primed some more and use this as a chance to add some flexibility work.

Lastly, perform some Tucks Ups and Pike Ups for some explosive hip prep.

To prep for efficient Box Jumps and practice cycling, work on small rebounds with or without jump rope.  Try jumping front and back on an even surface first for the bottom load of the Box Jump. 

Remember to incorporate your arms swing during the jump.  There could be a significant amount of lift generated by the arms and it will also help you maintain balance and stability.

Start work from a Low Box to High Box Jumps to build up to that height, while working on proper foot positions, marking your landings, and a cycling rhythm.

Avoid stutter stepping or double hopping for efficient motor pattern and tempo during the Box Jumps. Mark your foot positions to stay consistent and don't stop moving!

Straddle Up

  • Lie on the ground and start in hollow body position
  • With the legs straight, spread them while raising your toes up toward your torso
  • Reach for the toes with your hands as you raise your legs
  • Finish in a straddle position with your hands and feet meeting at hip level
  • Lower your arms and legs, and close your legs to return to hollow body position

Tuck Up

  • Lie on ground and start in hollow body position
  • Bring your thighs up towards to your chest and heels in towards your butt
  • Lift your shoulders off the ground and reach your hands towards your feet
  • Finish in a tuck position, then return to hollow body position

V Up

  • Lie on ground and start in hollow body position
  • With legs straight and together, bring them up and towards your torso
  • While raising your legs, reach for the toes with your hands
  • Finish in a pike position with your hands and feet meeting at hip level, then return to hollow body position

V Up Progression

In this video, Carl breaks down the V Up movement into progressions using Tuck and Straddle variations. Done properly, the V Up is an explosive movement that balances both push and pull towards the core simultaneously for the upper and lower body, and has high skill transfer to a number of other movements and applications.