Backward Roll Progression Pt.2

Watch this Backward Roll progression to see how to use a wedge/cheese mat for assistance, and another cameo of part of the Handstand Push Up!

Backward Roll Progression Pt.3

Watch this Backward Roll progression to see how to stay tucked and under control through the movement.

Backward Roll Progression Pt.4

In this progression, Coach Carl revisits the Backward Roll again and adds other variations to challenge your positions, mobility, and strength to work on speed, skill, and skill transfer.

Bent Arm Back Extension Roll

  • Begin the movement same as a Roll to Candlestick, starting with arms up and sitting down to roll on to your butt and back
  • As you place your hands down behind your ears to roll onto your shoulders into the Candlestick position, extend the hips and drive the feet up into the ceiling in one explosive motion
  • As the hip drive inverts your body and gives it some lift, push with your hands behind your head against the ground into a Handstand

Bent Arm Back Extension Roll to Push Up Position

... (details coming soon)

Blocking Movement for Quality Burpees

In this series, Coach Carl demonstrates how to apply the concept of blocking movement to clean up positions and facilitate skill transfer. We've seen this demonstrated with the Push Up progression already where we do that movement with the elbows in, and now it's time to take this concept to other movemnts to clean up your form.

In this video, Coach Carl and Courtney work cleaning up the Burpee by forcing the feet to stay together throughout the whole movement.  They accomplish this by tucking and holding a Slingshot between the athlete's feet while doing the Burpee.  While this significantly slows down the movement and may feel more difficult and more work, it will help the athlete focus on better mechanics and greater efficiency in both the hop back to the Push Up position as well as the hip snap-up back on to their feet.

Bridge Progressions Pt.1

In this first segment, we show you what a basic Bridge looks like with Zach the Intern. From there we'll spot some holes in the positions, and explain how we'll scale this movement to address these issues in the following segments.

Bridge Progressions Pt.2

In this segement, we'll use Zach the Intern again to show you how to scale the Bridge to get the back out of the hyper extension.  And you don't have access to stall bars, you can simply place your feet on the wall, on to a box, or even a stack of plates. 

Bridge Progressions Pt.3

In this segement, we'll show you how to use a friend to properly spot the Bridge and help the athlete get into the perfect shoulder position.

Bridge Progressions Pt.4

In this segment, we'll show you how to scale the Bridge for your wrists, using a partner or any equipment that you can grab on to. Even for those interns with short tendons!