Headstand (Tripod) to Push Up Position

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Headstand with Straight Arms

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Hip Shoots

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Hollow Body

  • Lie down flat on back and push belly button down towards the floor, your lower back should be touching the ground
  • Keep your abs and butt tight at all times, and with your arms pointed straight overhead and legs straight with toes pointed
  • Start slowly raising your legs and shoulders off the ground
  • Your head should come off the ground along with your shoulders, with your ears are glued between your shoulders
  • Stay tight with your abs and butt and find the lowest position you can have your arms and legs without them touching the ground AND without breaking your lower back (where it begins to arch off the ground)
  • To develop your hollow, you can start with your arms and legs higher (1-2 feet high off the ground) and slowly build up strength until they can be held lower (just inches off the ground) without breaking the position
  • Being able to hold the hollow body position is key in gymnastics, whether you're in a handstand, in a support hold on p-bars or rings, or doing straight and broad jumps.  Continue to find and develop your hollow!

Hollow Body Progression Pt.1

Finding, developing, and maturing your Hollow Body position.

Hollow Body Progression Pt.2

Learn how to transfer body tension while maintaining the neutral, hollow position with the Hollow Rock.

Hollow Rock

  • With lower back touching the ground
  • Legs straight and tight together with toes pointed
  • Arms straight and glued to your ears
  • Start rocking back and forth without allowing the shape to break at any point

Note: If shape breaks you are too extended and still need work

Check out the Hollow Body Progression video for more cues.

Human Flag Progression Pt.3

In this series, Carl demonstrates the progressions to build up to a Human Flag, where the athlete is able to hold a horizontal side plank position while only holding on to a vertical post or object.

In this video, Carl shows a strength progression to build up core strength to get into and hold the flag position, by practicing the Candlestick to Lever movement (sometimes known as the Dragon Flag made famous by Bruce Lee). This movement itself is difficult to control and requires a lot of strength, so practice it by starting with the tucked, one-leg, straddle, then pike positions until you can lower yourself without flinching or breaking the Hollow Body position.

Jump Rope Singles

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Jumping and Landing Foot Positions Progression

In this progression Carl builds upon his previous discussion of jumping and landing mechanics by exploring different foot positions to the landing.  By using another skill such as the Candlestick Roll to simluate the transition in the air, Carl demonstrates how practice different foot positions to find the safest way of landing that also provides the most effective skill and power transfer.