Handstand Forward Roll Progression Pt.1

In this video, Carl demos the progressions for the Handstand Forward Roll, by combining and scaling elements from the Kick Up to Handstand, the Handstand Push Up and Handstand Push Up Against the Wall, and the Forward Roll.

Handstand Forward Roll Progression Pt.2

In this video, Coach Carl revisits the Handstand Forward Roll with more variations by finishing the movement with a Tuck, Straddle, and Pike Forward Roll.  Carl also discusses leaning with your feet first to initiate the fall into the roll, thereby allowing the body to remain straight and in control throughout that transition.

Handstand Walk

... (details coming soon)

Handstand Walk Lateral

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Handstand Walk Progression Pt.1

In this video, Carl breaks down the progression for the Handstand Walk.  The key to a good Handstand Walk begins with a stable Handstand hold in a globally extended position, and from there the extended position will cause your body to lean in the direction for the walk.  To work on the hand stepping and placement, practice shifting the weight of your hips while stacked by placing your feet on a high box.  Finally, practice leaning against the wall while slowly increase the distance between your hands and the wall to catch up the lean by walking with your hands. 

Handstand Walk Progression Pt.2

In this video Carl explains how to do a Handstand Forward Roll as an option to safely exit out of a Handstand Walk.  This is an important skill to learn before you start trying to walk for distance away from any walls or support to lean against.

Human Flag Progression Pt.5

In this series, Carl demonstrates the progressions to build up to a Human Flag, where the athlete is able to hold a horizontal side plank position while only holding on to a vertical post or object.

In this video, Carl shows the final piece to get the Human Flag up on the pole with the mount.  To do this, you will need to practice and execute elements of the Cartwheel, kicking up in to a one-arm Handstand, and then holding a stiff body position for the Human Flag.

Jump Rope Double Unders

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Jump Rope Progression - Pt.1

A quick refresher on doing Singles on the Jump Rope.

Jump Rope Progression - Pt.2

Some useful tips on prepping for your Double Unders.